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Oatmeal vs Regular cookies: “Which is better for you?”

You have heard that eating right and working out – is the perfect way of living. But compared to both the things, eating right holds higher importance than the exercise! Around 60% of the health depends on what you are munching. Excluding the three fixed meals, there is something that your stomach always keeps on demanding in between and that is SNACKS!

Oatmeal vs Regular Cookies: “Which is better for you?”

Cookies are a good source of energy, and you can replace all the fried, junk foods with some healthy cookies.

Later one day, I read the recipe on Oatmeal Cookies and wondered if they were more nutritious than the regular cookies or not. The answer turned out a YES!

But what are the points that make the Oatmeal Cookies better than the other?

Oatmeal CookiesThe Nutrition Intake

One oatmeal cookie consists of a total of 103 calories; that can be bifurcated into 3 grams of fat, 1.3 grams of protein, 0.7 gram of fiber, 18 grams of carbs, 10 grams of sugar. If you compare this with any other cookie type like the chocolate one; it will have 15-20 calories more than that of the oatmeal cookie.

Good for the Blood Sugar

Because of the additional fiber content, the glycemic value of the cookie remains low. This keeps the blood sugar level under control, and also keeps the appetite in check too. Still, some sweetness will remain in the cookie. Therefore, if you are a person who is extremely sensitive to sweetness then the oatmeal cookie is a good option for you.

Gluten free regular cookies

Iron Content

Yes! The oatmeal cookies have iron content which is an important element required by both men and women.

Make it Gluten-Free

This is so amazingly awesome, isn’t it?!
Oatmeal Cookies can be prepared devoid of gluten, and still taste fantastic. If you don’t want the gluten in the recipe, then you could simply make the cookies using just the oats. This gives a rough texture to the cookie, still, people have liked it and found them satisfying too.

An easy way to add more fruits to your diet!

I cannot imagine the Oatmeal Cookie without the presence of fruits. Also, according to one Health Survey, it was seen that only 1 out of 10 Americans consume the recommended amount of fruits in one day.

Therefore, adding the fruits in the cookie recipe is a good way of keeping the fruit intake in control. You can also try to replace the butter with applesauce and keep trying new cookie experiments. It will make them more healthy, and Cookies won’t be boring for you ever!

“Breakfast is the Most Important Meal in a Day” – How much is this True?

I don’t know how you are going to react on this, but the oldie saying about Breakfast is true. Among all the meals that you have in your day, breakfast is the most important meal of them all. People who have their breakfast at the right time tend to have better health than others who skip it. Which category do you belong to?

The food that you eat in your breakfast is the one that boosts the metabolism for the whole day and also keeps you all focused on the work. Studies have shown that eating food at the right time in the morning improves the memory and concentration levels too.

Healthy Breakfast

Why is Breakfast so important?

You are breaking an overnight fast, that’s how the name Breakfast came. You are breaking the fast which provides the main fuel for the mind and body to work effectively.

Considering the age groups, kids find it the most difficult whereas they are the ones who need the maximum nutrients in their growing age.

1. Keeps your Heart Protected

Protect HeartAccording to a recent study, it was seen that people who skipped the morning meals were gaining weight, and developing different health issues like an increase in cholesterol, blood pressure. Those who actually skipped the meals were 27% prone to the diseases than those who actually took the meal on time. Have a meal at the correct time, and keep your heart protected.

2. Good for both Physical & Mental Health

With taking the breakfast at the right time, you can actually work on the glucose levels. Also, the added carbohydrates to the body improve the mental health like memory and let you concentrate much better than before. It also keeps us happy and the energy that you get from the food helps you in attaining your goals.

The proper amount of nutrients keeps the body weight in control, and you will also feel stronger and more energized than before.

3. Lowers the risk of Type-2 Diabetes

Diabetes Type2Morning meals help in keeping the glucose levels in control, otherwise, there will be fluctuations in it which may lead to diabetes. This is something which is true for all age groups, and the scenario remains the same in both men & women.

4. Long-Term Health 

Eating home-made breakfast at the right time keeps you healthy. No doubt in that, but they also come with many long-term benefits. It will keep your blood pressure in control, and reduce the chances of obesity, protects your heart, and keeps diabetes in check.

5. Controls your body from Overeating all day

This one is the most beneficial of all. When we skip the breakfast, we mostly end up eating more than what is enough. This is why breakfasts are really important, and something that you should never skip on.

There you go! These are few of the many awesome benefits of eating the Breakfast every day, and not missing it. For more similar updates, follow our Wookie-Cookies Food Workshop.